Light and Quick – Sugar rolls

Summer holidays started or are about to start. Time is often limited with kids at home and we might have more friends over.  For such occasion easy and quick recipes always come in handy. And this one is easy, quick and very light – just perfect for a warm hot summer’s day!



Sugar Rolls

3 eggs
200ml sugar
200ml flour
2 teasp baking powder
50ml milk or cream

200ml jam

Mix eggs and sugar quick and hard until light and airy (all the sugar should be dissolved and the mixture gets a very light yellow colour).

Mix flour and baking powder and add to mixture, mix into the eggs and add the liquid.

Place a paper baking sheet onto a baking tray and spread the mixture evenly (leave some space towards the sides so that it won’t stick onto the tray).

Bake in the oven on 200 deg C for about 5min (until it just start to turn brown but baked through).

In the meantime take another baking paper and sprinkle it with sugar.

Once the cake is baked turn it directly over onto the sugared baking paper.

Remove the upper layer (the one used for baking) of the baking paper (if it doesn’t come off easily, brush it with very cold water to loosen).

Spread that top of the cake evenly with jam.

Now, to avoid tearing, roll the cake while still warm! Use the sugared baking paper to help the rolling process. You can roll from the long side to have a thinner roll or short side for thicker ones. Place on a plate with the end piece down.

Serve and enjoy!

It is possible to fill it with fresh fruits – eg strawberries and perhaps even mixed with some custard and such BUT it tends to break due to the fluffy cake style. But if it isn’t about the look, it is definitely worth a try to play around with the fillings! 😉


(translated from ICA sju sorters kakor, Sweden)


International Yoga Day

Today is not only ‘midsommar’ – the Summer Solstice, where in some parts of the northern hemisphere the sunlight never disappears, no today is as well the worldwide 1st International Yoga Day! A “bid to unite the world in the name of the ancient Indian tradition”. So celebrate today, take the mat out and get into the move, breathe, relax and have fun!


(copyright Ann-Katrin van Schie)

Pizza – you can’t go wrong


Often overlooked due to all the frozen ones available -or due to the pizza guy – but homemade Pizza should be on the list much more often.

Not only is it quick and easy to do and to pre-prepare, no it is one of the rare dishes where actually everybody could make it to their own liking – or to empty the fridge with all the leftovers you might have.

And it goes without saying that it is a fun meal to prepare with the kids – they love to toss all the ingredients and to prepare their own dinner!

The recipe I use is for flat pizza’s, no yeast. I usually double the below amount to prepare one baking tray.

Pizza dough

2 1/2 cup flour (I tend to mix around 1/2 cup whole-wheat (flour)
2 2/3 teasp baking powder
1 teasp salt (or less)
1 teasp oil
3/4-1 cup water ( add slowly)

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, use your hands, it is easiest and  you get a better feel for the consistency. The dough should not be sticky but not too dry either.

Spread it by hand or use a rolling pin (the dough should not stick to it). Or make several flat pieces and the kids can prepare their own pizzas.

The dough should be thin, about 0.5cm.

Place it on baking paper and onto the baking tray.

Now the fun part – the toppings.

I tend to do be in a hurry when making the pizza so I use a tin of crushed tomatoes and mix it up with some tomato paste,  grounded pepper, and fresh herbs for the base.

And now the let your imagination go in regards to the rest… and top it all with cheese (I tend to mix chesses eg mozzarella and gouda) at the end. Use as much or as little of all toppings as you like. Some ideas:

– mix of fresh red/yellow/green peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes…
–  feta cheese and olives
– minced meat, chilli
– salami, ham
– sliced mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil leaves

etc. etc.

– or even just plain with tomato sauce and shredded cheese.

Bake in the oven at 220deg C. Until the cheese is melted and the sides of the dough are slightly brown (10-15 min).

Enjoy while hot!


The Sun Salutation

One of my favourite parts in Yoga is the Sun Salutation; even if, or especially because, it is repeated in most classes. Its repetition gives a special flow and you can just let yourself sink into its sequence, relax, breathe and enjoy. It is a the sequence that covers most body parts. And depending on your mood, time and reason for getting into the Sun Salutation it can be fast, more like a workout, or slow to really hold and pay attention to the posture, your breathing and to increase the strength in all areas, or even just to have a run through the flow to move to relax your body and mind.

It might always be the same moves, yet a vast area of possibilities to enjoy!

If there is no time for more, the Sun Salutation is definitely the one thing to do. May it be one round (one round = two times to do both sides equally) or more – get into the flow and let go!

There are different variations of the sun salutation, below is the one I got hooked up to.


Summer is coming

We are getting closer to the summer holidays and often busy and crazy times are ahead. The kids tend to pick up that the school year is nearly over – even if there are still some weeks to go. They tend to get a bit more tired, a bit more excited, a bit more crazy at times. It might get exhausting on us parents now, but then again, it might as well prepare us for the weeks to come when they really are at home 😉

Either way, summer is coming, holidays are close so we should perhaps all kick back a bit, and stress less. Instead we should enjoy the warmer weather (it will come even here, one day…I am hopeful!), the brighter evenings, the sunnier days, feel the grass on bare feet, feel the sun on the face, listen to the bees buzzing, taste the fresh strawberries, indulge in a nice summer drink after a long day, catch up with friends outside.. and just like kids often do – see the joy in all the little things around us!

summer loading

Pesto at its best – homemade quick and easy

Summer finally arrived here these days and Pasta Pesto is such a great summer dish, and enjoyable both warm or cold.
If you ask my kids, they could eat it every day, all year round, and it is a common weekly school lunch dish in our house. Not always homemade, but at its best when made at home, and even better when prepared by the kids.


This recipe is based on a Jamie Oliver recipe. But feel free to top with peas or fresh grated Parmesan cheese. Or even some cocktail tomatoes, or chili or or or… endless possibilities to spice it up!


1/2 garlic clove
3 handful fresh  basil leaves
sea salt

– MIX all the above in a food processor until rather fine

1 handful pine nuts
(if time permits, slightly roasted and cooled but we often are in a hurry and just toss them in)

– ADD into the processor and mix all again

1 handful parmesan
and olive oil (amount depends to me on how liquid you like it to be, start with 1-2 tablespoons and see further)

– MIX all in the food processor again.

By now it should all be a nice dark green pesto!

Put it aside until needed or make sure to cook the pasta at the same time you prepare the pesto and you are ready to eat once the pasta is ready! Or let it cool and take it with you as a salad for a picnic!