Friendship! Friendship?

I recently learned a hard lesson that even long-lasting friendships do not have to be what they appeared to be.

While moving around one does make a lot of different kind friendships, some last longer, some last hopefully forever, some are there for a certain period or situation. All are valuable friendships in their own kind. All are special. Then it comes to even more of a shock when it appears that one of my oldest friendship from before moving seemed to be based on what now appears to be a fake. It is painful and hurtful and shocked me to the ground and will take some time to get over. I will get out of it stronger and more cautious, eventually. Yet, at the same time I need to not let me start doubting other friendships, to stay open and honest and to still be true to myself!

I came across below saying and I will keep that one close to me: friendship2

Here is to all friendships, keep them real!

Have a lovely eve,




Sometimes it is a card…

starbucks card…a Starbucks card that can make the day!

A few weeks ago I lost my Starbucks card, obviously not THAT important, but still, it had credit on it and it was lost. A stranger found the card, traced me down on FB and asked me if she should give it to a Starbucks outlet or send it to me. Even though I only saw this message several weeks later and didn’t expect anything I replied back and thanked for her for going through the effort to trace me down. Surprisingly she still had my card and did send it to me the next day!

It is often small gestures and actions that can make the day! And it is important to acknowledge them, to appreciate them and to be grateful – and to give it further!

My gratitude these days go out to this stranger taking the effort to trace me down, to friends, neighbours and family giving a helping hand, support and kind words without even having to ask, especially now during our last weeks prior to the move. Thanks to all, it is so appreciate and makes the day!

Bye, AK