Advice from a Tree


We do not need to venture far to find something good! Stand strong and tall like a tree!

Yoga poses mainly relate back to nature and animals. If we start to not ‘just do’ the Asanas (poses), but look behind and feel them they can give us some advice and help us in our daily life.

Even if Yoga is not your thing – be aware of what is out there, we often find support and strength in the little things! And don’t forget a good posture goes a long way to feel strong and proud!

Advice from a Tree

Stand tall and proud
Go out on a limb
Remember your roots
Drink plenty of water
Be content with your natural beauty
Enjoy the view
(by Joanne Rabtis)



Posture – feel it!

So much more than just standing. Not only did I recently appear on a photo looking anything else but 5 months pregnant (what I am not! Well, perhaps I can blame my shirt a bit, too?!) but I just noticed how “off” I looked, and felt. Yes I was tired and exhausted but wasn’t aware how badly I showed that! I usually try to pay attention to my posture but guess tiredness took its toll.

Our posture often shows how we feel.
I even take it as far to say that our posture sort of carries our feelings. It can make us feel more tired, exhausted, tense, and stressed but as well help us to feel less tired, less stressed, happier, prouder, more powerful, stronger and more relaxed.

A strong core and awareness of how we stand and feel goes a long way when it comes to a proper standing.

Tension, stress and fear often give us a slouched posture, with shoulders rolled for- and upwards, a short neck and we appear shorter. Our posture literally puts us down and shows that we carry a heavy burden!

Relaxed, happy and confident feelings and thoughts make us stand tall, straight and with shoulders down, showing that we do have a neck.

We can as well overcome or at least lessen these feelings of being tired, exhausted and anxious by a proper alignment. A posture awareness goes a long way to make us more at ease without having to do a lot!

Below a little overview about common postures problems. Do you find yourself in it?

When you are out there today, give yourself a posture check! Do you stand tall, shoulders down and slightly back yet relaxed, chin up and looking straight – and do you engage your core?!

Stay tuned for more information on posture and on how to stand strong and tall!

Have a nice day



I want it all

Spending time with my family, friends, starting my business idea, regular blogging, finishing onlinue studies, sports, broaden my horizon and getting out of my comfort zone with new experiences, learning Japanese, exploring the city and country we recently moved to, really dedicate time to my kids one-to-one, keeping the house clean, organized and sorted, and some me-time. ” I want it all and I want it now” (Queen comes to mind here). Sounds familiar?

There are phases when it is all organized and runs smoothly and times when we seem all over the place. We try to juggle it all and eventually may end up doing nothing or being stressed instead of enjoying what we do.

It is in those moments that we need to find the strength and space to step back. To stop to see and realize what is going on. What makes us and why do we feel stressed and overwhelmed. More often than not we put it on ourselves.

Take a step back, see what is important, what has to be done, what it nice to do, what can wait – and don’t forget to think about what will make you happy!

At times it helps to write my thoughts and feelings down. Rather then just talking or thinking about ideas and thoughts seeing them ‘black on white’ often helps to put structure to them. It unloads the overloaded mind.

And we just have to realize and admit now and then – that we can’t do it all. But what we do we do the best way we can.

Have a lovely day,



Being mindful

A lot is out there and being said about being mindful and whether you agree or disagree, it is important to cherrish the small things, to reconnect what is around us and to find joy in day to day things.

So last night instead of just rushing into the dinner, bedtime routine and playing catch up on my to-do list(s) I took a moment. A moment where I enjoyed the smell of my fresh little herbs in the kitchen, the crocus reoccuring blossoms that make me think about spring and enjoy the aroma oils in the living room.

It helped to de-stress, calm down, and to be there in the moment.

Think about something little what can bring you a moment of joy – be aware today, everyday!

Have a nice day