The beauty of inspiration

FullSizeRenderIn one of my recent quick post on my At Ease Facebook page I asked you to go out and get inspired. I now want to go a bit deeper, what can inspiration give us and where and how can we get inspired? Let’s have a look into a few aspects for both areas:

Inspiration will give you the chance to go beyond your ordinary experiences.
Inspiration may help you to develop and stretch your capabilities.
Inspiration can awaken creativity in many areas.
Inspiration can increase your energy and leave you with a positive feeling.
Inspiration may connect you to other like minded people, increase the community.
Inspiration gives motivation.

“The heights of human motivation spring from beauty and goodness that precede us and awaken us to better possibilities” (Psychologists Trash and Elliot).

Now if that is not a good reason to get inspired, what do you think? But where can we look for inspiration, to some of us it does not come natural.

I admit, I do frequently lack inspiration and at times it frustrates me. But over time I learned. By now when I become aware of it I change my mindset and look for inspiration in various areas.

I can find inspiration by

  • Using a different route to walk or run – walk with open eyes and really look!
  • Discover a new area in the city – what is different here?
  • An interesting or just a good read – can I dig deeper into a subject?
  • While cooking – can I use similar ingredients for a different meal?
  • Try out something new – a different creative- or sports activity!
  • Listening to relaxing music – slow down and observe the body, mind and breath!
  • People watching!
  • Talking to others!
  • Observing kids – they are so imaginary, how nice if we could take this into adulthood. Unfortunately we more then often don’t but we can let us get inspired by kids!
  • Visit a museum, art gallery etc.

What counts for it all is – to be in the moment! Observe, feel and just let it flow and see where it leads you!

Now, please do to not stress if looking for inspiration does not happen straight away! It will come eventually, often on days you expect it the least. So take it slow and let it happen, and once you start to find a way to get inspired you may find inspiration in various other areas, too and notice that it can put you at ease!

Have a lovely day,

I and please feel free to share where and how you find inspiration!


Looking for more areas on where to find inspiration? Have a look at the Tiny Buddha blog!











Instant Relaxation Technique


In the ideal world we do have enough time and the space to relax, unwind and recharge our body and mind in length of time. Unfortunately we rarely have and take this time. Thankfully a `quick fix`  like an instant relaxation will give us an energy boost, release stress and tension and help us to refocus.

This below technique will only take you about 2 minutes, you may want to repeat it once or twice if you can to deepen the experience.

Ideally you lie down to deepen the relaxation but as well that is not always possible, thankfully sitting and even standing is an option  for this type of relaxation, too!

You kind of do a very quick body scan and tighten all muscles along the way, starting with the toes all the way up to the crown of your head.

To start of

  • Join the legs, heels and toes together, hands slightly away from the sides of the body – when lying down.
  • If you sit or stand make yourself comfortable.

While taking in a deep breath in you immediately start to

  • Tighten and squeeze the toes
  • Tighten the ankle joints, calf muscles and pull up the knee caps.
  • Tighten the thigh muscles, squeeze the buttock muscles.

The legs are all tightened now, go directly further and tighten the upper body

  • Exhale and contract the abdomen in.

With your next deep inhalation

  • Make fists, tighten the wrist joints, forearm, elbow joints and the biceps and triceps.
  • Inhale and expand the chest region.
  • Tighten the shoulders, neck muscles and squeeze the facial muscles.

Squeeze and tighten the whole body from the toes to the head really tight then immediately relax the whole body by exhaling deeply through the mouth. Spread out the fingers, realease the arms, legs and toes, release all facial muscles.

  • Relax the whole body slowly with an even and slow breathing through the nose.
 If you want repeat all steps, starting with a deep breath in, if not come back to normal breathing, open your eyes and feel the sensation and new energy boost!
Happy relaxation,
have a loveky day

The beauty of a crack

“There is a crack in everything. That`s how the light gets in.” (by Leonard Cohen)

We often strive for perfection, the perfect home, family, job, outfit, figure, the list can go on. But this strive often puts us under pressure. We may even appear and behave different than how we actually feel inside, and we may block ourselves on taking on new adventures, of taking a new step into the unknown.

Why not just admit that we as a person and our life isn`t always perfect?

Imperfection makes us human, more approachable and takes a lot of pressure away.

Imperfection lets us try and experience new things!

And looking at things through a crack will give us a different perspective, too! Go and give it a try!

Have a lovely day





Food for Thought

When was the last time you took time to let your mind wander. When was the last time you really allowed yourself to let some (new) thoughts / ideas drift through your mind?

Food for Thought is not for healthy eating habits, it is for healthy habits in general. It is to allow ourself to digest an interesting idea/issue with the mind/thought.(Urban Dictionary).

It is so important to allow and give ourself this time to really ponder on some thoughts and ideas and to not constantly be taken over by the job, the family and day-to-day things.

Taking time for Food for Thought will help to grow healthy habits for life!

So, go out there, take your pen and paper and take time to ponder and write down whatever may cross your mind! You may surprise yourself where it will lead you to!

Have a lovely day,





Toasted seeds with honey & soy

Sometimes we just need a quick snack to pick us up and something healthy to nibble and the quicker the better. Look no further. Try this, all you need are some seeds, honey, soy sauce and a pan!

It is actually a kid`s recipe by Annabel Karmel but I still use it today for the whole family.

Toasted Seeds with honey & soy 

1 tbsp sunflower oil
60gr pumpkin seeds
60gr sunflower seeds
1 tbsp honey
1 tbsp soy sauce

Heat the oil in a frying pan and cook the seeds, stirring for about 2 min until slightly brown.
Remove from the heat, add the honey and soy sauce, return to the heat for about 1 minute, then leave to cool.

I tend to mix the seeds e.g. add Chia seeds and as well some raisins. It makes as well a nice sprinkle for salads.

Happy nibbling!

Have a nice day









Grounding – strong and firm

We often speak of standing strong,proud and grounded. It sounds kind of easy, standing up, straight, both feed firmly on the ground, head up, chin straight. But there is standing and standing grounded!

I love it when I stand grounded, not just when practising Yoga but as well in day to day situations. It is a fantastic pose when you feel tense or anxious, it can be a quick-fix to get yourself together and sorted again, it helps to make yourself feel stronger, more powerful.

Standing really grounded will make you feel a shift in your body, in your posture and make you feel really firmly connected to the ground and strong. It is a nice sensation, but how do we achieve this?

For such a simple looking posture – or Mountain Pose in Yoga – it is a lot going there! You engage here, straighten there, press down here, lift and turn there… So let me break it down in some short steps and give some hints.

Step 1 the feet:

  • Stand with your feet slightly apart (10-15 cm)
  • Place  your feet evenly on the ground, imagine your foot is a rectangle shape and you place all four corners down evenly (big and small toe making 2 corners, inner and outer heel the other two) the middle area nice and relaxed
  • You may want to wiggle our toes and place them down again for a better alignment
  • Spread your weight evenly onto both legs. You may want to shift side to side a bit until you feel even
  • Make sure you keep your ankles engaged and lift the inner side gently to avoid collapsing inward.

Step 2 the legs and core area: (the tricky part I find)

  • Engage your thigh muscles gently, roll them a little bit inward, this will lift your kneecaps slightly
  • Keep your pelvis neutral by anchoring the tailbone down towards the heels and push the top of your buttocks down. This will help to even out the curve in the spine and keep the hips alligned
  • At the same time lift the pubic bone towards the navel.

I find this part tricky and overwhelming, there is so much going on. To really feel the sensation of grounding it may help to place a block (narrow side) or a thick book/water bottle between the upper part of your inner thighs. Imagine now that you want to pass the block, book, water bottle to a person behind you. This  will enable you to roll your thighs slightly inward. At the same time lengthen the tailbone towards the block and roll outer side of the hips in. Make sure you do not eaten up on step 1!

This step may give you a better idea on how to engage your whole area from the pelvic, to the buttocks, thighs, legs and even ankles and toes. This in between step helped me to really feel the sensation of grounding and to stand strong and tall. I felt my shift here.

Step 3 the upper body and the head:

  • Release any tension in your shoulders, lift them slightly up and roll them back and push them down gently. Make sure to release any tension in your neck. You should feel engaged but relaxed!
  • Lift your chin parallel to the ground

Lastly imagine a line and a flow of energy from your feet through your legs, core, neck and head all the way through the crown of your head. Release any tension in your face and take some deep relaxed breaths. Feel the breath all the way down into your belly, spreading energy to the top of the head and all the way down to the toes.

Feel the grounded sensation and the strength you get out of this powerful posture!

Happy grounding
and have a lovely day,