I know some people, and include myself here, that cringe when they hear the word meditation. Instead of putting us at ease when hearing that word, it causes tension, this vision of sitting for a long time in lotus pose or at least crossed legged, not to move and not to think! “No way, not for me!” – and that was it.


But you know what, that is not what mediation is about. Meditation is something beautiful and calming yet energising, and best of all, it can in fact be done everywhere. It does not need props and it can last anything from 1 minute to 20min to how ever long you may want it.

It is easy and simple and yet rewarding for your mind, body and soul. It will put the mind at peace and keep it calm and quiet, yet alert.

Meditation can help to
– calm the state of the mind
– bring clarity
– increase awareness
– reduce stress

But one cannot force meditation, to feel the benefit of it it needs to be effortless. And yes, that may take some practise.

What is important to remember before getting out there to start a meditation is that one will not be able to stop thinking. The mind is there to think and too many thoughts are rushing through it every minute, every second. What is important is to learn to not follow through with the thoughts when they arise. To acknowledge them, but to let them go again and to come back to the base of your awareness, back to the present.

It ok to experience tightness, frustrations, at times as well anxiety, or feeling worried of doing it wrong, or of ‘not feeling it’. That is all natural, don’t judge it – again acknowledge it and let it go.

To make it complicated there are meanwhile many ways of meditations out there. I find an easy and powerful one, one that can be used anytime and anywhere and great for beginners is the breathing meditation. Ideally you do this sitting upright in a comfortable position, but the beauty with this one is that you can in fact do it everywhere – while waiting for your tea water to boil, waiting for the bus, being out for a walk, when feeling stressed, tired, endless possibilities to take a moment to tune in and to feel calm yet energised – and to meditate! Give it a try!

For the breathing meditation, your bases, your focus is your breath. Let your breathing come naturally, preferably through your nostrils and try not to control your breathing.  Feel the breath, become aware of how it feels when you breathe in and out through your nostrils. Feel the cooler air coming in, and the warmer air coming out. Try to naturally breathe deeper into the belly, try not to stop in your lungs, this will give a deeper state of calmness. By simple bringing your awareness to your breathing your already are meditating!

See, it can be simple. It won’t always be easy, though! Your mind will wander off. But that is ok, just learn to realise when it starts to wander and return your attention back to your breathing. And by time try to stretch this first one minute to five or more. Regular practice will help you to return to your base of breathing more easily and the sensation of calmness and clarity will come over you.

If you got curious and want to check out different types of meditation – and yes there are many and resources are endless! – I found this page very detailed and helpful http://liveanddare.com/types-of-meditation/

Also a great tool for beginners and advanced is the “Insight Timer” app – free to download https://insighttimer.com

For now this is my final part on relaxation techniques. The others were about Instant Relaxation TechniqueVisualisation – Relaxation and Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

What ever way you may chose, I hope this inspires you to tune into yourself and to learn to be present even if just for a minute here and there!

Have a lovely day,