“Are you spiritual?” “I think you are quite spiritual!””I can see that you are not spiritual!” – questions and comments in that direction I have heard over the years. And they always rattle me. I do not know what to say as I do not believe or follow a certain religion; but I believe that there is “something” but I cannot put a name tag to it. But is that spiritual?!

So, while reading a book about mindfulness I came across this subject again. And I decided to dig a bit deeper to find out what “being spiritual” really means. Is there a ‘one-for-all’ definition?


As per wikipedia spirituality traditionally “referred to a religious process of re-formation […] oriented at the image of God exemplified by the Torah, Christ, Buddha, Muhammad and others.”

But looking further it is not that easy because as per “a survey of reviews by McCarroll dealing with the topic of spirituality gave twenty-seven [27!] explicit definitions, among which there was little agreement.”

And here we start with the confusion again! Because spirituality can mean anything from the “experience of a sacred dimension”, and the “deepest values and meanings by which people live, usually in a context separate from organised religious institutions.” But then we go further into the Modern spirituality and here it may as well “include a belief in a supernatural realm, personal growth, a quest for an ultimate/sacred meaning, religious experience, or an encounter with one’s own “inner dimension”.”

It seems that the meaning of spirituality has changed and has been expanded over time. It is not a fixed ‘one-for-all’ definition!

Digging even deeper and into the root word “spiritual” we go into the Latin word spiritus and the meaning ‘breath’ . So we then can say that “spiritual” has do to something with the essence of living, because we need to breathe to live.  Then I came across the phrase “Spiritual but not religious”, hence stepping away from the old definition, away from the religious context, and more into the “holistic” (*) approach focusing on the well-being of the “mind-body-spirit”.

Now, to that I can relate and in that term I can then say, yes I am more spiritual than I actually thought I am but often it comes just naturally.

How about your, are you spiritual?!

Have a lovely day



(*)incorporating the concept of holismor the ideathat the whole is more than merely the sum of itsparts, in theory or practice: holistic psychology.
Medicine/Medical. identifying with principles ofholism in a system of therapeutics, especially oneconsidered outside the mainstream of scientificmedicine, as naturopathy or chiropractic, andoften involving nutritional measures: holisticmedicine.