Flow of Life – Sun Salutation

Can you relate to the “flow of life” when thinking of the Sun Salutation?!

I recently went through some rounds of Sun Salutation, just going with the flow and experiencing the sensations. And while the Sun Salutation is always a nice flow, a great way to move the whole body it is as well a good indicator of how I feel, how balanced, grounded, strong or weak I am that day. And while going through the flow this time with eyes closed it kind of struck me how this flow can as well represent life and its ups and downs.


Life is hardly always stable; we are faced with different situations and challenges and we often feel different even on a daily base! And that is ok. We do not always have to be strong, we are allowed to bent, to break, to feel small yet it is important to reflect, to reach out for help if needed, and to look forward, to find something that makes us strong and let us stand up again, too.  And it is important to find a place in our heart that makes us feel grounded and at home.

Nobody ever said it will be easy, this thing called life, but sometimes the best thing we can do is to not imagine, not to wonder, not to think but to allow us to just breathe and let it flow!

What do you think, can you relate?

Have a lovely day




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