Time to start a new chapter to not let positive and well-doing-experiences simply pass by. Time to stop saying “life took over”. Life is not always easy and it is not about faking it. Being mindful is not about being happy all the time.  It is about allowing us to be in that moment. May it be good, happy, joyful, hard, exhausting, tough or sad.

Having attended a mindfulness training over 9 weeks was great.  And obviously having a teacher, and tasks and homework helped to stay focused. But as it happens so often, once the course was over “life happens”. And no matter how often we try, we lose track and put what does us good last, respectively even drop it.

This time I do not want that to happen to myself, and I want to help you to stay tuned, too!

Call it as you want – mindfulness, awareness, simply be, being in the moment, slowing down… Different wording but they all go the same direction and we all need it!

We are all busy, and I do not want to add an additional layer of stress with a daily email – a daily must-do. Instead my goal is to increase the sense of awareness, of mindfulness, with a bi-weekly email. I would love to see you becoming a part of this!

My email will be a little reminder to halt – stop. To become mindful and to focus on yourself, even if just for a short moment. It can be a poem, a quote, a text, an experience etc. The path is not clearly set in stone. But I want to create some “Food For Thought” to stay mindful in our day to day life. The emails will bring little teasers, glimpses, tasks to stay focused. Small things that we can easily incorporate into our day to day life.

Coming to an end of my intro and what my plan is, I will leave you with my first Mindfulness approach. I call it “A sip of Awareness”

Take a nice mug.  I bought this one especially for my “simply be” moment while we were on vacation in Sweden this summer.

While preparing your tea, coffee, cocoa, etc make sure to really be there! Be aware when you take and prepare the ingredients, when you boil the water or milk, when you pour it – when it all comes together.

Then do not just gulp down that first sip, take a moment to halt! Feel the warm mug in your hands, smell, embrace the moment of the first sip.

Feel, Taste and Smell – sip by sip until the mug is empty.

Be in that moment, let your thoughts fly and swirl around, acknowledge them but bring your awareness back to the cup – the one you are holding in your hands and the sips you take!

And only once the cup is finished take a deep breath let the craziness of life (slowly) take over.

I personally try to do this during the morning when everybody left the house. Or just before pick up time. Whenever I need a time out for myself or to create a transition point. It helps me to slow down, refocus, energise and breathe.

I hope you will enjoy your “sip of awareness” over the next two weeks!

If you want to receive the bi-weekly Mindfulness reminder directly into your inbox please kindly send me your email address to ateaseandmore@gmail.com.

Your contact will not be made public and be added to my personal email distribution list for this mentioned purpose only!