Welcome to At Ease and More

at ease logo (created by Ann-Katrin van Schie)

`At ease` means to be in a relaxed attitude and/or frame of mind and there are lots of ways to help making the days easier, more relaxed or simply put – smoother. With At Ease I provide  you with a platform to get inspired, a place that helps you to feel a bit more ‘at ease’ within yourself and in day-to-day life.

I am a mother of three children, we lived in several countries and at times I’m am everything else but `at ease`, I admit this freely. We are all allowed to have our ups and downs. Yet, it is important to find the balance again, of being able to feel calm, content, balanced, happy, serene and relaxed! 

Let me give you a quick overview about the categories you will find on my blog:

Yoga, Fitness and Wellbeing

A place where you find thoughts, information and ideas on Yoga, Fitness and overall Wellbeing.

World of Recipes

A page of mixed, fairly easy and often quick recipes from across the world. Recipes to make breakfast / lunch / dinner times easy, fun and healthy(-ish). A page of inspiration where home-cooked meals and/or baking puts you at ease.

Let me just point out one thing – I do consider myself as healthy and fit but I am neither a fitness nor a healthy nutrition freak. I do eat unhealthy food and enjoy it! For me, everything in moderation is ok (well apart from chocolate, I can’t really hold myself back there…) and as long as sports/being active is part of the daily life it is ok. So, you will not find any calories, fats, sugars etc. indications on my page.  Home-cooked meals tend to be healthier anyway and you know all the ingredients. This surely is a big plus nowadays!

And please fell free to email me your favourite recipes, school lunch ideas  are welcome, too. I will try them with my family and if they approve I will post them. Thanks for any contributions!

Food for Thought

An area that can cover anything, to get you inspired, make you smile, or make you think and wonder! An area that gives you something to ponder about! 

Now that you know my thoughts and ideas I invite you to follow my blog.
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Let me bring you a sense of ease! 

Have a lovely day!


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